We often get asked where we are located by people looking to see our available designs in person. Although we can understand why people want to see our designs in person before they choose, we also know that our customers like to save money and time.

If we had a physical showroom, we would have to increase costs to cover the monthly rent, set up renovations and equipment, utility bills, taxes, location insurance, and wages for employees to have the location open. There are likely more costs to consider but either way, we would have to drastically increase the prices our customers are asked to pay.

And with clients all around the Greater Toronto Area we would have trouble choosing a location that makes everyone happy or having more than 1 location would obviously drive our prices up even higher.

As for seeing and choosing designs, after 30+ years in the decorative door insert industry, we have a large roster of clients we have already installed for. Hence, we can give potential buyers addresses near them to check out and we update our website with new styles and completed jobs.

Our website is available 24/7 as well as our Facebook page. Both include our available door insert designs and gallery images of custom designs and completed jobs. Having our designs easily accessible allows potential customers to browse and decide as it’s convenient for them.

So, while Randal drives around installing door inserts and handling customer service and Amanda, as a contractor, keeps the website running smoothly and sometimes responds to messages, we meet the needs of our clients.

Anyone working in the home renovation and construction industry is up against a lot of competition but so long as they know their customers and can meet their demands, they should be fine. Add on friendly customer service, good prices, and easy access to the service and you have a winner.

We look forward to continuing to serve you!