Spring is here! Spring is a beautiful time of year when everything springs back to life and colours fill in around us.

But, is your home ready?

Preparing screens for the nice weather

If you have screens in your doors and windows, you may wish to clean your screens to let the beautiful, clean air into your home.

First, remove the screens (if possible) from the doors and windows then lay on a flat surface. Using a cloth and a solution of soap and water, gently clean them and let dry.

Be very careful as to not rip them or bend the frames.

And of course, don’t forget to clean all your window panes, inside and out.

Check weather stripping and caulking

The caulking around windows and weather stripping on exterior doors takes a bashing over the course of our Canadian winters.

So in order to keep the warm air out and make your ac as efficient as possible check for cracked caulking and worn down weather stripping and fix them.

This will also help keep out ants and other small bugs.

Check your walkways

Over the course of the seasons the soil shifts under exterior walkways.

If you have paved stones or similar garden paths you should check them for holes and other shifts that can cause tripping.

This is also a good time to fix up decks and balconies for safe use.

Paint your exterior doors and/or get a new insert

Spring is a great time for a refresh. This refresh may include painting your whole house or just touching up your exterior doors.

A fresh coat of paint can brighten up your home but so can a wrought iron or stained glass door insert.

Adding an insert to your home gives it more character but also allows light to pass through, making your entrance way more welcoming.


A beautiful flower wreath, some wind chimes, perhaps some real flowers, are all great additions to your exterior and interior entrance ways.

The fantastic examples from Etsy that you see on this post would brighten up your home and really bring Spring to life before the gardens are in full bloom.

The best part about colourful decorations like these is that they don’t wilt so they can bring a smile to your face even on cloudy days.

Stock up on seeds and nuts.

If you have a balcony or yard you may already have bird and squirrel feeders. If so, you can give them a cleaning and refill them.

If you don’t already have feeders then now is a great time to set them up and start bird watching.

Don’t forget your camera!

Of course, you will do more to prepare for and enjoy Spring, depending on your home and lifestyle but these are a good start.

Enjoy the weather!

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