Frequently Asked Question:

How private is a wrought iron door insert?


Wrought iron bars are heated and twisted into decorative shapes then sandwiched between a panel of clear glass on the outside and a panel of frosted or privacy glass on the inside.

The frosted or privacy glass is about 95-99% private, letting the light in but not allowing people to see you or your home through it.

If you walk close to the door though, sometimes people will be able to see a shadow or silhouette but no further into the home.

With some styles, there are 2 more glass styles – acid and chinchilla.

Acid Etched Glass
Chinchilla textured glass
These styles allow for privacy as well just add a stylized texture to add further interest to your wrought iron door inserts.

If you are looking for a custom design then you will get to choose between regular frosted, acid, or chinchilla.

Send us a message to inquire about privacy on your chosen design and custom design options.