Are you ready for Halloween?

You don’t need to put in a ton of effort, just buy a couple nicely made pieces to show the spirit of the season.

Here are some simple, spooky ideas:

How about lights to add an eerie glow to your walkway and home?!

Firstly, we found these reflective cat’s eyes to help bring the streetlights up your walkway and direct people to your front door.

Then some cool candle frames (flameless or tealights will do).

And lastly for the lighting we found some cute little bats and some pumpkins.

Big inflatable lawn ornaments are cool but they take a lot of time and energy (yes, the paid kind), to get up and keep up. So why not some metal lawn decorations instead?!

Just as a new wrought iron or stained glass door insert can brighten up your home, a simple door decoration can add the Halloween spirit to your home.

And, just as there are a lot of door insert designs to choose from, there are also infinite possibilities for your door decorations, so we just picked a few cool ones.

Lastly, we thought some Halloween stained glass window decorations would help you with the spook all throughout the day, not just saving the fun for night time.

Here are a couple we liked:

Now, go enjoy your Halloween festivities and know that your house is ready.

Remember to stay safe and warm.

Happy Halloween!

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