Where are you located?
While Randal is situated in the GTA he does not have a showroom or public office location. We have been asked this question so many times that we have written a blog post about it which you can read here: Why we Choose not to have a Physical Showroom
How long does it take to complete an installation?
A normal installation takes around an hour. Of course the larger the job the more time it may take. If you would like to see an installation process you can view Randal’s video on our home page here: Randal’s Wrought Iron & Stained Glass
Do I need a new door?
This question is dependent on your needs so it’s not a simple yes or no question. We have written a blog post for you to consider here: Do I Need a New Door?
Are your inserts weather proof and energy efficient?
Yes. Firstly, we only select well made wrought iron, stained glass, or hybrid door inserts. Then Randal uses the best sealant based on his over 30 years of experience to ensure that there are no leaks. If there are leaks once everything has dried from unforeseen shifting then you can contact Randal to come back and fill the leaks.
How see-through are wrought iron and stained glass inserts?
We mostly sell wrought iron door inserts so we have written a blog post to answer this question here: How Private is a Wrought Iron Door Insert?

As for stained glass door inserts they will be more see-through because of the different glasses used instead of being all fully frosted. But this will depend on the style you choose.

Is installation included in the price or is it an extra cost?
Installation is free! You choose the insert, book the installation, pay for the insert but installation is free.