Often times when someone approaches us about getting inserts for their exterior doors they ask about getting a whole new door system.


The truth is that most exterior doors are made to last a very, very long time. They just need a little TLC.

Steel and fiberglass doors are made to withstand extreme temperatures and last without warping.

How do I make my exterior door look like new again?

A bit of soap and warm water along with new weather stripping will make your old door like new again.

If your door is scratched you may wish to repaint your door.

TIP: Try a new colour for added pop and to get a new feel.

Why bother if I’m getting a wrought iron or stained glass door insert?

Even if you are opting for wrought iron or stained glass inserts you can still spruce up your door to prepare it.

Besides a wrought iron door insert won’t fix the need for new weather stripping so you should check your weather stripping if you feel a draft.

With inserts added you will feel like you have a whole new door!

What if your exterior door still looks tired?

Another optional way to make your door feel new again is to change the hardware. A new lock and handle can add more charm to your chosen insert design and new life to an old door system.

What are my other exterior door options?

Wood doors, on the other hand, need a bit more care such as varnishing and can’t be cut to install a door insert.

PVC is another exterior door option which, although easy to care for, can’t be cut to install a door insert into. PVC doors look very similar to steel doors so if you are changing your doors but want the same look with the option to add wrought iron or stained glass inserts than a steel door would be your best option.

Not sure what insert to choose? Check out our catalogue or gallery for inspiration then contact us to reserve your chosen design and book the installation!