From door inserts to plants, here are 12 ways to dress up your front door.

Add some creativity, a splash of colour, and personality to make it feel like an inviting home for you and your guests.

1.Door Knockers.

You can’t use a door knocker on the center of your door when you have a door insert but if you opt just to jazz up your front door you can find some very creative door knockers.

Here are some samples of door knockers you can find on Etsy:


Greenery and splashes of colour can really bring the front of your house to life. Include some sitting or hanging planters in great textures, materials, and colours and your door will stand out.

Here are some creative planter ideas:

3. Outdoor Lighting

Lights are useful for seeing who’s at our door at night but they also set the ambiance for the entrance to your home.

You have a couple choices when it comes to lights for your porch; hanging or ceiling mounted lights or wall mounted lights.

Here are some ideas:

4. Welcome Door Mats

Witty sayings, enthusiastic welcomes, and fancy patterns are just some options for welcome mats. Don’t leave your company guessing if they’re invited in or not.

You can even have a custom mat made:

5. Mailboxes

Many homes already come equipped with a mailbox but if you’re making the house your own then it may not fit with the design and feel you are looking for.

Luckily, there are many options to choose from to find just the right mailbox.

6. Door Bells

If you opt for a door insert you can still have a door bell instead of a door knocker and there are so many great, decorative options for door bells.

Just be sure to check your wiring and the wiring of the one you wish to use or you may need an electrician to help you.

7. Hardware

Changing the handles and locks on your door can create a different style all together. From little knobs to long handles, and a range of finishes, there’s a style for every home!

Of course these are just a few options of many and we have a couple in stock as well:

8. Paint

Fresh green, bright red, trendy turquoise, there are so many colours and shades to choose from when giving your front door a face lift.

Bring the whole house together by painting all doors and window trim.

You can get exterior paint at any hardware store such as Lowes: Lowes Exterior Paint

9. Door Inserts

Getting a wrought iron or stained glass door insert does more than spice up your front door, it also allows light into your entrance way, making it feel more open and welcoming.

With a variety of styles (including custom made designs) and finishes there is definitely the right door insert for every home and personal taste.

Here are a few of our designs:

For more of our door inserts you can find the wrought iron door inserts here or the stained glass door inserts here.

Can’t find a design to suit your needs? Contact us to inquire about having a custom design made for your home.

10. Wreaths

Whether you opt for a door insert or not you can still use an over the door hanger to hang a wreath or creative decoration for each season or occassion.

For a large number of seasonal wreaths or creative decor check out Etsy.

11. Benches

If you have a larger porch area framing your entrance you may opt for a bench. This can come in handy for putting on muddy boots (and taking them off) or simply enjoying the view.

There are a ton of sizes, styles, and materials for benches that will suit the size and style you need:

12. House Numbers

Of course you want delivery people and visitors to know which house is yours without having to search for the numbers or check the neighbour’s house numbers. So why not choose numbers that stand out and compliment the style of your home?!

You could also get name plaques or signs if you wanted to include your last name too.

Another idea we didn’t include was outdoor cloth items such as pillows and curtains but you can certainly add those too depending on the size of your porch and it’s use.

Do you have other ideas that we forgot for decorating your front door and porch area?

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